Yoni / Without Linga

Proposal for the replacing of sign array on automatic door.

In preparation for an exhibition at the Huxley Building, Brighton, I proposed re-imagining the doorway, which led into the display, as a birth canal and thus the building, a woman.

When decided on a starting point, we drew upon Niki De Saint Phalle Hons Sculpture as an inspiration. 

De Saint Phalle conceived a mini exhibition inside a sculpture of a pregnant woman, with the entrance being a door sized vaginal opening. 

Some theorised that the existence of this Hon in a typically male environment, is to give gendered power to women by existing with agency in said masculine arena.

I decided to conceptualise this same idea, but within my own constraints. 


Physically, the door was an entrance way into the rest of the exhibition, a waiting room used before science lectures. So by entering through this door, you were being 'given life', or 'allowed to view' what's on the other side. However, I also attempted to draw attention to the same 'male factory' that Phalle was criticising, which in this case is the sciences, an area of study dominated by men even after initiatives to try and change this.

Put simply, it is women that allowed us into this world, and it is the unrecognised role of women that is equally important in the act of consuming culture, arts and education-

Some suggesting that it is because of the mistreatment of women as to why science has progressed as far as it has, for us to then blindly consume.

For purely aesthetic reasonings, I imagined utilising aspects of culture jamming, which involves the altering of iconic signs to subvert political iconography, I hope to replace the usual caution signs to those that relate directly to childbirth, thus, relating to the feminine Yon.

The title, Yoni / Without Linga, refers directly to the representation of the female (Yoni) in Sanskrit folklore. However, this Yoni is almost always represented alongside its male counterpart (Linga). In this work, we wanted to separate them, and allow one stand without the other.

Digital rendering of object in question during this investigation- the door.

Actual sight of investigation.

Hon by Niki de Saint Phalle.

Digital rendering of object in question during this investigation- the door.