With and Within / Working Silence.

an insight into silence as a form of communication, radical listening and whether or not it can be embraced and represented in institutional gallery settings. During my research I hope to ask and interpret questions that pose Silence as a form of knowledge exchange, and its validity within interpersonal relationships.

found object encouraging interest in our human relationship with silence.

response to recreation of 4'33, John Cage. 

I thought it would be relevant to observe what it is to 'observe', to listen and thus to learn. A fitting beginning point was John Cage's seminal piece 4'33". Cage is interested with the 'purity' of ambience, and by drawing attention to the ambient noise that surronds us, he wants to highlight its legitimicay as music and  its effects on our subconcious.

In a taped interview on youtube, he talks about his need for 'sounds to just be sounds' and its beauty and uniqueness.

I kept this in mind when watching this reproduction on youtube, When the piece begun I found the expressions of the audience fascinating, whether it was to do with ambient noise or more general environmental conditions, they seemed transfixed, or was it just boredom? whatever they are feeling, their attention is centered.

Audience participation is key here, and is what makes the silence poignant. Their generation of 'noise' is curated by the orchestra in the centre to make an entirely unique and raw piece. 

Its this that interests me most, the artistic mechanisms used here give a new air to silence, highlighing its unrecognised use's.

In fact when undergoing research on youtube, many of the videos analysing the uses of silence artistically, musically and spiritually, the rhetoric used is rather positive... The Power, The Gift, The Embrace.

These titles ask for us to realign our vision and access what silence means to us. We often regard silence as a state we are forced into (as suggested by the original found object), when really, its a very unique and interesting communication technique who's uses are extremely valuble to the human psyche and relationships.