The Little Constellations documents the resulting imagery as produced by series of performances. These drawings utilise primitive action such as biting, stamping, smashing and screaming as immaterial supplements to the pencil as a tool for surpassing traditional mark application methods. Intervening the drawn space through splintering the page, transcending time - space boundaries of 2-D flatness and incorporating bodily functions into a typically 'pure' medium of drawing or painting.


This method, of which I named 'SPLINTER', is typically used to develop a much more personal relationship between the work and I. All marks are done in the moment, and are thus reflections of the time ... photographic evidence of the performance, marks become time stamps which mean nothing (but surface) to audience, but have a much deeper place for artist. The Little Constellations thus produces images that represent no material object, but feeling; little fleeting stars that come and fade in the same moment.