Letters of Ruth, Suicide of Elena Burg

Assorted Letters, Broken Rosary, Bible, Burned book and found photographs in virtrine.

Sizing is variable.

"Letters of Ruth was created as a contemporary reimagining of the relationship between Ruth and Naomi in the Old Testament’s Book of Ruth.
In the revised version created by the artist, both Marge Best (Naomi) and Elena Burg (Ruth) find friendship in each other after dealing with great losses in their personal lives during the Second World War. As this relationship develops through letter writing, their connection to faith loosens simultaneously; finding that they feel comfort in each other more than they do in a God. Nearing the end of the story, Elena takes her own life out of resentment felt from her community once her relationship is revealed, and Marge is left feeling abandoned and angry at whatever god took away what meant the most to her. 
Marge's end is unknown leading to both these women being forgotten, their memories buried, burnt and their story unreadable."

This work is viewed through a vitrine, disconnected from the audience with the story only readable once translated by the artist. Once read (which is done by demand, not as time tabled performance), the important role religion plays in resentment and loneliness is brought to light. The audience is also made aware of its critique on societal disgust with queer women of the time, war, religion and forced loneliness by utilising appropriation tactics to fabricate a new story out of a (relatively) unrelated bible one.

When reflecting on this work, you realise you can never come into contact with the story of these women- We can only admire its remnants from a distance as we piece together a tragic tale of two people developing a strong yet doomed bond reduced to an assortment of letters, found images and objects.... burnt and buried.