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One of the most prominent pieces of theory which resonated with me once I read it was that, when living as a contradiction of the time you are in 

Sarcasm may well become the condition of truth.

This, of course, was stated in the introduction to Roland Barthes seminal text mythologies in the original introduction circa. 1957.

A statement which would carry through into this webpage I created entitled internetasmyth.com

Utilising a Floyerian literalness, IAM empties out signage, typically associated with internet use, and 'stuffs' (for lack of a better term) it with a new language to explore our daily interaction with the World Wide Web.

When clicking through IAM, one shouldn't be surprised to encounter works/placeholders demanding fair pay, enlarged shutter stock images and perpetual loading screens- 'All a faceless workforce'... a 'free' one at that, ensuring this broken website stays open.

Not only does this new language discuss the threshold of Digital Labour (2.0), Post-Fordist production and Audience Endurance, but it also tests a user approach to authoritarian powers when confronted with the glorified 'no entry'.

Why is it we try to overcome system errors with google searches and repeated re-entry? Or, click haphazardly until it finally works, rather than just give up?

These are key questions at the core of InternetAsMyth.com, the answer becoming (somewhat) clear the more you explore the sign.

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