Feeding, spitting then Feeding Again series

Soil, clay, pigment and gum arabic on paper,

sizing variable.

Only two years into learning how to draw, and I am already promising myself to never draw again. I was drawing too much, with no catharsis, no pleasure. The act of picking up the pencil was draining, getting harder to conceive a finished piece, or to fill a simple page.


That was until I gave myself over to collaborating with other material to produce drawings which were gross by nature, but wonderfully spiritual and raw in practice. 

That is what feeding, spitting then feeding again was born from ... the human / non-human collaborative effort to realised a finished piece of work through non-traditional methods of mark making. 'Giving over a thing to change' to powers out of my control using methods far removed to what we perceive a drawing to be, but making something just as spectacular.

These drawings take weeks, if not months to make- They are nomadic, and are constantly ageing alongside the artist and my style.

"and at the foot of the mountain

with all thats clear at its peak,

nothing is clearer than

the ground beneath my feet ..."