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untitled drawing

soil, charcoal, clay and pencil on paper

size unknown

untitled drawing (the sheep)

soil, charcoal, clay and pencil on paper


Burial Drawing (w_Brad).png
vir sheep  - Edited_edited.png
reach burial.jpg

out of reach

soil, clay graphite and water on paper


to be close to you

soil, clay, charcoal and chalk on paper


"[on feeding, spitting...} Dictated by the interaction of the innate properties of earth, paper and time, the artist understands the work as a continuous collaborative effort “once I had reached that perceived ending, I could then mix the dust into a paste and meld it into something new... the possibilities really were truly endless”. This cyclical nature reveals how deeply connected the work is to the organic structures of the world and one is reminded of the earth as underground the surface, beyond the urban, immediate environment. Adams stance of making art from a sustainable method, not to mention the fact that the work is also temporal, contributes to an era of contemporary artists resilient to the mass-produced art market that prevails modern life."

- Text by Taylor Lyttleton 

read full essay here

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