Untitled (Arrangements, I)

Digital Drawings, 1080x1080px.



Untitled (Me, I)
Untitled (Me, III)
Untitled (Me, II)
Untitled (Me, IIII)
Untitled (Me, V) .jpg
Untitled (Me, VI)
drawing 7 (lines).jpg
Untitled (Me, VII)
Untitled (Me, VIII)
Untitled (Me, X)
Untitled (Me, XI)
Untitled (Me, XII)
Untitled (Me, XIII)
Untitled (Me, XIX)

Portrait (s) / Arrangement (s) makes use of a random number generator as a mode of 'sketching the self'. By connecting each individual being together to create one, a portrait is mechanically produced to reflect on exact moments of creation- Though, all socially recognised ideas of what makes a being is far removed and discarded.

Each being is still an individual unit, separate from the other and unique. However, they are viewed as grounded together through the grid form- A marriage between two seemingly disparate aesthetics; 'factuality' or 'the real' of object (s), and of 'object's experience' that makes it a being.