b. 1998


Co-founder and Project Facilitator for QUILT

Archivist for Graham Ruskin Read

Currently based in Brighton, UK. Working on the grounds of satire and pointlessness, often responding to the site as place for my intervention.

                                                                                                                          See above for selected works.


November 2020, For What it is Worth (curator), Online Market.


January 2020, Δ (delta), Huxley Building, Brighton.

December 2019, Before the Mouth, Rodhus Studios, Brighton

December 2018, Letters of Ruth, Grande Parade, Brighton

Press and Publications:

August 2020, Orange Peel Collective, See here

April 2020, Social Distance Art Project, Instagram 


February 2020, Kiss No.72 for Sub Zine Issue 4 

September 2019, "not much of a man" for Uninvited Guest Issue No.1