My work is concerned with materiality, and the relationship I, as an artist, share with it. Whether using a tool or none at all, I aim to open kittenish investigations into the act of making, and in doing so, traditional mark applications. Through ritual acts of burial, chewing, smacking, screaming (and more) I develop a dialogue, often through performance between the surface and I as an attempt towards clarity and exploration of the self and material. We are equal in the making, "you make me, as I make you"  ... a concept central to my work, and my being.

The work that I produce is often incredibly fragile, offering a reflection of the movements/moments that brought them into fruition. With this tactility comes a personal narrative; you can see where my teeth ripped through the paper, where the soil I created tarnished the page and the creases which my resting arm creates, everything is a mark.


Though performance, conceptual sculpture, painting and drawing are practices I participate in, I am also engaging with research projects exploring discourse, space, and pedagogy in a capitalist age and their importance to creativity and drive, if not a work of art on their own. I have hopes to document discourse as a form of art practice, and to bring people together in learning and creating. 



"Why dance upon the surface 

with my best shoes on 

when I can approach bare foot.

Smashing down unto the surface.

Skin - 

Through to earth."